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Creative Director

Hi, I am Kristina and I am social media marketing and branding specialist with a background in journalism with more than 6 years in the industry.

Over the time I found my passion in social media and I am helping small business owners and startup teams to build their online presence through organic growth combined with advertising.

I enjoy working alongside creative and hardworking people and it is my pleasure to be on their side and guide them through the digital marketing world. 

KK DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY is growing fast and I am so happy to be part of our small international team of talented visionaries who work hard to help me deliver the best possible services. 


Marketing Coordinator & Account Manager

Meet Jana, originally from Germany, now living the dream in New Zealand after living in Australia for 2 years. She is a digital nomad with a passion for photography, handstands, boxing and everything creative, working mostly from Cafés, where she gets the best ideas and inspirations over a good coconut flat white.


Account Manager

Meg started a new life in Canada back in 2018 following a decade worth of marketing experience in India and the United States of America. Based on her work ethic and background working with top global brands, she landed a pivotal role at the prestigious Notable Life Media Group in Toronto. The crossover to KK Digital Marketing Agency is a conscious move to help entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses develop their voice and digital presence.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking, taking photographs and sipping beer on warm summer days. 


We believe that social media is a kickass tool to help you connect with your audience and transform them into your clients and customers.

You have a unique opportunity to get to know your followers, to understand their needs, dreams and struggles.
Building an online presence takes time and it requires a lot of patience and hard work, but it is so rewarding.
People do business with brands they understand and they want to be connected with companies with similar values and beliefs.
Your followers want to see you and your team – they want to get to know your story.
At KK DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, we understand that the key is to focus on your audience first and brand second.

We are committed to help small business owners

Local businesses are the heart of our communities. We are here to support small business owners as we believe they are essential for our wellbeing. We understand that the post-pandemic world is not kind to local owners and we are here to offer them as much support and guidance as we can. 

We believe in true connections

There is no magical formula, we don’t believe in cheating and paying for followers. The only way to do this right, is to do it with honesty, integrity and with true passion for your brand. We are here to help you grow sustainably, while targeting the right audience and communicating your brand’s mission. 

We want to add value and we don't support hard selling

Our clients believe in building real connections and their goal for social media is not immediate sale. They understand that the purpose of social media is to connect with followers and to create everlasting relationships with potential clients and customers. 



Kristina has been superb. She listens, is responsive, works fast and delivered as promised. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services and hope we get to work together on a longer term basis.


Kristina delivered some awesome projects for our company and we are impressed for her knowledge and insights in digital marketing. Highly recommended!


I am speechless! I enjoyed working with Kristina from beginning to end. She’s attentive and creates a high-quality product. Great Job! I can’t wait til post!


Kristina has been a valuable resource, extremely professional, and become an irreplaceable member of our team. With her help and guidance we have increased exposure and awareness, gained many more followers and likes, and have been able to drive traffic to our website. I highly recommend her agency for your needs and I hope to be working with her for a long time to come.