The competition online today is fierce, and I don’t say that word lightly. It is tremendously difficult to get seen by your targeted audience, but there are definitely ways in which you can improve your online presence.

Read on to learn the best tips for your social media marketing and branding strategy.


This one goes without saying, but you see a lot of businesses trying to emulate other successful businesses in their niche a little too much alike.

The key is to be different and to have a unique angle. If you have a beauty or fashion business inspired by Gucci, for example, you don’t want to want to follow in their exact footsteps. Tread alongside them and carve your own path.

The same goes for trends – unless they are a necessary part of your goals and purpose, don’t always follow them. Find them, learn from them, and then do it differently to be original.



Nobody is going to notice you online if you’re not consistent with your strategy.

Always put out valuable content or offers to your prospects to keep them engaged with your business. If you continue to give them value, they’re going to want to stick around

I know that personally if I find that a social media page I’m following isn’t giving me some form a value (whether it be entertainment, knowledge, or otherwise), I’m definitely going to unfollow them. Wouldn’t you?


It’s a lot easier for a lead to convert into a buyer/client if they feel you are making an effort to connect with them emotionally. And if they see this sort of behaviour online with your content, they will know you genuinely care about their needs.

You could do things like sharing behind-the-scenes photos, holding live webinars,

hosting giveaways, and more. Be casual, fun, and relatable to your ideal audience. This will also indicate that you are a joy to work with!





I know you’re probably thinking, “how in the world do I be engaging online?” It’s simple, really. You can engage with your audience in a variety of ways:


Asking your followers questions


Creating fun & relatable content (e.g. visual memes/quotes)


Creating polls for business improvements


Quizzing your followers


Are you using the appropriate social media platform for your type of business? Are you utilizing more than one?

It’s crucial to choose a platform that will get you the most engagement for your content. If you have a beauty/fashion blog, then Instagram is a perfect choice because it’s for a visual aesthetic, which fashion lovers appeal to. This also includes Pinterest.

Businesses like marketing agencies will find themselves more on Pinterest, where you create pins that entice your audience to click on it and learn more (e.g. statistics and facts).

Facebook would also be a suitable platform for this type of business, which makes it easy for prospects to get in touch with you regarding your services.

These are my top tips for standing out online with your social media marketing and branding strategy. If you need any further help or you’re still feeling stuck, be sure to get in touch with me, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more helpful tips like these!



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