Instagram branding is a crucial part of any influencer or business’ success on this platform. This is the key to your brand appearing professional, aesthetic, and dedicated to your audience’s likes and dislikes.

But how do you create a good Instagram brand? What does it involve?



When you’re branding your Instagram, there is one major thing you should be focusing on. This is your feed consistency and patterns. What do we mean by that, though? Let’s take a look at our portfolio examples of Instagram profiles with great feed consistency and patterns so we can explain what we mean.




On these Instagram profiles, we can see the consistent use of a particular colour scheme. These help convey the brand’s style and aesthetic. Regardless of what business type you have, whether that’s retail, fashion, wellness, or even real estate, any one of them can create a cohesive Instagram feed. Remember that it isn’t restricted just to photos either, but is centred around engaging content (as shown in the first example, which has a lot of text and icons).

As you can see in those examples, they maintain the same patterns and colours throughout. But they also maintain the same content theme.


Feed consistency doesn’t just come down to patterns and colours. It’s also about the type of content you use. For example, if you have a real-estate Instagram profile, and suddenly you’re posting content completely irrelevant to your niche, this isn’t consistent. In fact, this might completely deter your current followers away from your profile.

You can see in the above-pictured examples that they repeat their style with fresh content. You need to remain consistent with your message and content to maintain an effective brand presence across your Instagram social media.

When you focus on feed consistency and patterns, you can retain your audience more effectively. Furthermore, it makes it easier for them to find you when your brand is niched with consistent and targeted content.

If a business is representing themselves as professional retailers, you need to continue to present this niche.

Don’t suddenly switch if you have a new brand you’re working on – that would require an entirely new Instagram profile.

Doing so could cause confusion among your audience, with a loss of followers and a harder time trying to target a specific audience. Remember, the Instagram algorithm takes into account a lot of things to show your content to the right people.

Focus on feed consistency and patterns to create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic that will attract your desired audience.

This also includes your Instagram stories. Focus on using the same text/font style across each story, along with how you lay each of them out (Where does the text go? Are you using GIFs? What type of content are you sharing?).

Start this journey by determining how you want your feed to present itself to others. Choose a theme, like bright and colourful or dark and moody. You can use Pinterest to help you find inspiration for this. Next, be sure to edit each of your photos to align with this theme, and imagine how they would look next to each other on your feed. You can use something like Planoly or Later to help plan this content layout. That’s all there is to it!

Keep consistent with your feed, patterns, and niche content!

Don’t worry, we all started somewhere. If you still need help, you can get in touch with us for further guidance.






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